Our Services

Comprehensive ED Assessment

MedPAQ will perform a multidimensional evaluation of your ED, focusing on the infrastructure and core competencies that an ED needs to thrive in a changing healthcare environment. The evaluation can be customized to your needs and typically involves both offsite and onsite work. Prior to being onsite, our team will complete chart and event reviews focusing on clinical competence, documentation and the financial cycle. We will analyze current performance data (patient satisfaction, patient flow, and patient safety), and benchmarking will be provided as available. The team will also review ED policies and procedures, meeting minutes, malpractice experience, and other data. The stakeholders at your institution complete online surveys that allow MedpAQ to assess leadership, departmental and institutional culture, communication and ED integration with the system.

EM Key Stakeholders
  • EM Physicians and Midlevels
  • ED Nusring Staff
  • Medical Staff
  • Hospital Administration
  • Hospital Staff
  • EMS Providers

Once the team is on-site, the body of work above guides ongoing discussion with stakeholders in one on one and small groups interviews. Sessions with leadership allow interim feedback and fine tuning of the entire evaluative process. Additionally, the team will observe in the ED and participate in patient flow walkthroughs. To conclude the engagement, MedPAQ provides a final written assessment with weighted recommendations that covers 15 discrete dimensions of ED operations and capabilities. The final report is delivered on-site, allowing further discussion with stakeholders.

EM Surveys: MedPAQ’s surveys are a key component of 360 degree evaluations for individual providers and staff. In addition, they help us assess your emergency departments strengths and weaknesses, and will help you assess your ED’s culture and internal customer satisfaction. These surveys offer high degree of customization.

The Q-Drive Platform is a web-based platform that allows institutions to manage and benchmark individual and departmental EM quality and performance data, including national and local quality metrics, case reviews, individual and departmental productivity, 360 degree survey results and satisfaction data. The user-friendly platform is designed for individual provider access, allowing targeted feedback of performance data and engagement at that level. Q drive is completely customizable based on the institution’s needs. Benchmarking within a hospital or system or across the MedPAQ client base is an integral part of the platform.

Educational Programs: MedPAQ recognizes that departmental improvement projects often uncover individual and department wide educational opportunities, and we continue to develop computer based educational programs to help departments and individuals move the dial on their performance.