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The patient experience in the department drives the reputation of the entire facility. MedPAQ believes that a solid patient focus is the foundation for a successful Emergency Department.


MedPAQ is data-driven because we believe that measuring and benchmarking performance is fundamental to driving improvement. You cannot improve what you cannot measure.


MedPAQ is system focused because we believe that good process mitigates risk. Patient safety is largely dependent on systems that support the emergency department team in their mission.


MedPAQ knows that culture fosters improvement over the long term. Understanding and improving the culture of your department is a critical strategy for sustainable performance gains.

About MedPAQ

The Emergency Department plays a crucial role in a successful healthcare system. The Emergency Department is the hospital’s public face and should project the system’s core values. MedPAQ wants to help improve the performance of your ED.

MedPAQ will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the practice of Emergency Medicine at your hospital, identifying opportunities to improve the clinical product of the department; to mitigate risk to patients, staff and the hospital; and to enable a culture that embraces continuous improvement.

MedPAQ will cover the critical aspects of emergency medicine practice in your Emergency Department. We will customize our review to meet your hospital’s particular needs and issues. We will provide a menu of quality solutions that are practical and proven.

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